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Nothing happens in the real estate investment world first finding a properly priced property to purchase. There are Finders, Funders, and Fixers. Would you like to be equipped as a “Finder?” If yes, it is our goal to equip you to recognize a great property that can be purchased. The plan is simple, you Find it, we Fund it, we Fix it and you share in the profit.


I could hear the children’s song from the ice cream truck and decided to head outside to get a sno-cone. As I was visiting with one of the neighbors, we briefly talked about the real estate market. I shared with Michelle our Finders Keepers program, and in less than a month, she found a property that will earn her over $5,000. 
Being a Finder can change your life!



Who is selling the property?

There are potentially just three types of people that our FINDERS will have conversations with. The actual HOMEOWNER, the INVESTOR that has possibly their own property to sell or has a property tied up, or the LISTING AGENT for a property listed in the MLS.

There are slightly different approaches to each of these parties. You will simply ask them some great fact finding questions, and then fill out a form at this website to register the lead. We will review your notes, and analyze the property, and then decide if we take the next step to view the property or make an offer at that point. We will keep you informed if we purchase that property.

What are we needing to find out?

Is the seller of the property MOTIVATED?
Is the AREA around the property favorable?
Is the PROPERTY less than perfect?


Of the three factors in the MAP system, the seller being motivated is most important. If the area around the subject property is red hot, and the property is in need of a major rehab, it doesn’t matter if the homeowner is not motivated. The seller must always have some “need to sell” vs “want to sell.” Like many things in life, the way to discover the truth is asking the right questions in the right order. Often in just 3-4 minutes you will discover if this is a golden opportunity.

AREA is favorable

You may be asking yourself, how do you know if the geographical area around the potential property is favorable? By simply running a report at you will be able to determine if the area is showing property appreciation and in-demand.

Property is less than perfect

Essentially, the worse the property condition the better! How will you be able to tell if a property needs work? There is no need for you to visit the property, but rather by asking the seller a few questions, and viewing the pictures, you will be able to provide us answers.

Once we analyze a property that you discovered and purchase it, you could earn somewhere between $2,000 and up to $8,000 or more. You do not need a real estate background. Truly, you just need to know where to look for these opportunities. And for that, we will provide you with several ideas and the training to succeed. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. It is our hope that the Property Pump system benefits your family each month!


The Property Pump

Perhaps you would like to run your own team. Would you be interested in our equipping program? There are countless programs throughout the world for improving your business as an investor, however many fall short in several critical areas. Our decades of experience in the real estate industry will equip you to have continuous profitable transactions. Find out about our Apprentice or Mastery programs.

P – Pricing Pro

There are 3 areas of pricing that one must master when “flipping property”. The Purchase price, the Rehab price, and the final Flip price. Our proprietary HomeZoop pricing system and 30 years of experience provide highly profitable outcomes.

U – Unlocking funds

You can indeed buy property without any of your own money. The key to multiple purchases at the same time is dependent upon strong confident relationships that believe in your vision and ability to bring home winners.


There are costs for acquisition, repair, and resale. Each step can make or break your profit. It is essential to master the skill set that ranges from negotiation of properties to oversight of the rehab crews.


Nothing happens until you get a property. The objective is to create Pipelines of lead generators that bring you property and Pathways to resell them.

I found my first property by making a few phone calls. This system works! My first check was $5,250 and I never had to leave my house.

Gina Whitlock Fletcher

Entrepreneur & Author


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Would you like to be equipped as a “Finder?” If yes, it is our goal to equip you to recognize a great property that can be purchased. The plan is simple, you Find it, we Fund it, we Fix it and you share in the profit.