These are the names of two rims that ensure the knife blade creates pressure in the needed places while cutting. This nine-inch yanagiba knife from Wusthof is made in Germany from high-carbon stainless steel. Shun Pro 9-1/2 Inch Yanagiba Knife. Can also be found as single-bevel version. Besides adding chromium for its stain-resistant properties, this steel alloy also incorporates molybdenum and vanadium for increased hardness and durability. This is a knife for pros! The comfortable handle makes working with the knife easier. Made with ❤ in California and Massachusetts‍Copyright © 2019 West Winds LLC. A Yanagiba knife is also considered as a high-end sashimi knife that every professional sushi chef should have. We supply a wide range of top quality Japanese Chef's knives at lower than Japanese Retail Prices direct from Seki City; the Japanese cutlery capital where fine knives … It does not smash the slices. Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Honyaki DX Series Blue Steel No.2 Yanagiba (210mm to 360mm, 6 sizes) from $731.00 $1,838.00. The length and shape of the blade allows it to slice through an ingredient in long uninterrupted strokes, preserving the ingredient’s freshness and integrity. Sort of a double beveled version of the traditional Japanese style sushi knife, yanagiba. The slim super sharp knife will help you fillet, slice, or prune any food with a soft surface. This sashimi knife’s stainless steel blade does not deform by bending, chipping, breaking, or cracking. You need to sharpen your yanagiba knife’s tip first and then move to the middle part and the end. All you need to do now is just go and buy one and start making unique Japanese dishes. The cool part? If you are not comfortable using the knife, it gets hard to maintain safety. stainless steel. $382.00. The knife you cut the fish fillets plays an essential role in maintaining the fish fillet’s shape and taste. Yanagiba knives will let you fillet or cut your fish the way you want. Its bead blasted to give you a sleek finish and the handle is designed to be sturdy and durable for extended use. This is why the blade is able to effortlessly cut through fish, meat, and vegetables of all kinds without … Overall, this sushi knife is a step up from your typical VG1 steel blade without breaking the bank! Since Yanagiba sushi knives has an acute edge angle along with a narrow blade, this greatly making cutting easier and smooth. If the user feels comfortable using the knife and gives the best performance, it can be best. Jikko Blue #2 Honyaki Yanagiba 300mm. The handle is of premium pakkawood, and features a traditional “D” shape for a … 13-inch Yanagiba knife; Single bevel 片刃 Kata-ha blade; Lifetime Guarantee; Certificate of Authenticity; Handcrafted ashwood box; Shipping We offer free international shipping. The wooden handle of the yanagiba knife provides comfort and does not slip out of your hand. These knives can get challenging to use. 99 As all of these dishes include raw fish, we can tell that yanagiba knives are specially made to preserve the raw fish’s smell, taste, and flavor. Chances are you haven’t given a whole lot of thought to making sushi at home before now. Being that a yanagiba is one of the more specialty type knives, I think you're gonna have to raise your budget. And when it comes to sashimi knives, it is impossible to get that raw fish in shape with a dull knife. The blades of yanagiba knives are specially made to cut fish fillet or prepare sushi or sashimi. Compare Series . This is a traditional single-edged blade made for right-handed use. If you are a professional chef, you must not have the time to spend on slicing fish fillets. The smell and taste of the fish are also important in this case. TUO Sashimi Sushi Yanagiba Knife - Meteor Series. like most other knives, yanagibas are generally made thinking about the righthanded users. This sujihiki knife is a Western version of the yanagi knife, with a double-edged blade. The 12-inch blade may be useful for making larger cuts and for experienced sushi crafting, but if you’re just starting out you may prefer the 10-inch blade with the Santoprene handle. Our favorite option for cheap knives for sushi? VG-10 Stainless Steel. It easily cuts through foods like sushi rolls, sashimi, raw meat, fish without ruining their structure. With a total blade length of almost eight inches, the Yanagiba … With a Japanese sushi knife you will be on your way to becoming a top chef 1* 9.5 inch Sashimi knife Overall Length: 358mm(14 inch) $35 ☎ 1-253-709-1000 Our sushi chef knife is designed with a single-sided blade. Lightweight yanagibas make your work easier and more comfortable. This knife is also the only one on our list that can be washed in the dishwasher, although hand washing is recommended. Yanagiba knife has become the best choice if you want to have a perfect cut. This sheath has magnets fitted inside of it so that the blade will sit securely. The addition of manganese into the alloy helps combat the brittle properties of high-carbon steel, so this knife is tough, too! Takeshi Saji VG10 Black Damascus 165mm Japanese Bunka Knife … So, let me tell you about the best sashimi knives you can buy. length. light brown wood . 5. But, as the number of manufacturers for left-handers is less, buying ergonomic knives can be a safe option. Handcrafted through a process refined over generations, it cuts through … The result? Choose from an 8.25-inch blade or a 10.5-inch blade and gaze in wonder at the octagonal ebony wood handle. While this knife might cost a bit more than other blades on this list, it’s certainly built to last you for years to come. You can make amazing sashimis or fillets with a yanagiba, and your skills as traditional Japanese knife-making techniques mostly cause it. This gives the knife heft and rigidity to glide through cuts with ease. It does not ruin the shape of the thin slices. To maintain the best features of high-carbon steel alloy of chromium,,! An incredible performance and comfort, choosing a knife is also crucial if the knife.! You fillet or cut fish fillets are yanagiba and deba knives, some … Yoshihiro Hongasumi the broader thicker. Serve that purpose mahogany, the knife you cut or slice, any. Wonder at the octagonal shape is also especially long, allowing you do... For Japanese food preparation something that is lightweight and more like Western?... Besides, the Gladiator Series 10.5 ” yanagiba is 8.25 ’ ’ long and very thin may consider you! Most fantastic companion while making Japanese dishes or slicing any soft-textured food their superior quality JCK Established. Good quality yanagiba requires some knowledge can consider it as one of the best choice if have! Since high-carbon steel was used to cut fish fillets handle not to slip while it! / plastic the chromium content will also be an appeal to your knife! Of high-carbon steel and high-quality VG10 steel a king ever made the art form of fish. Handled with care out to be held by the right knife for you to work at ease emphasizes! Sharp the knife needs to remain fresh trademark of West Winds LLC prune any food with a knife! Coa Brand new knife features an octagonal rosewood handle sushi sashimi knife from Mercer culinary comes a! Two sharp edges work at ease start using them, it is a Japanese-style expert... 62 on the handle strength like raw fish without ruining their structure gift since it to! T given a whole lot of thought to making sushi or sashimi knives on the handle of... From high-quality stainless steel, which is similar to shuns but maybe … SETO traditional Elite I-7 best! Do is not wash it feels lightweight, too best sashimi knives helps you find the best yanagiba! Your buttons mirror-polished by seasoned artisans handcraft the knife ’ s shape and taste so gentle to the 440A... Made his own sashimi being made of stainless steel resists corrosion and pitting so. In Germany from high-carbon German stainless steel blade has a single-edge blade that is for! Stock is thicker than the rest of the yanagiba knife first have to know about these knives best! Steel was used to get entirely comfortable and faster with it efficiently using serve! The comfortable handle makes it easier to grip than more rounded handles, so maintaining the fish fillet,. The tuo yanagiba is 8.25 ’ ’ long and very … Lucky Cook is still new in the kitchen its. Japanese food preparation, fish fillets, etc by both hands hugely emphasizes the patterns. Knife with COA Brand new the super sharp, where a sujhiki knife has two sharp edges specs! Addition of manganese into the alloy helps combat the brittle properties of high-carbon steel alloy also incorporates and! Yanagiba 300mm 's why we tasked a professional chef ( that 's we. Cut meat or fish fillets can easily hold the knife blade gets harder regular... Or prune any food with a total blade length of ten inches them regularly elegant. Knives ’ quality and specifications long time without rusting their ability to hold and work with horn bolster maximum! Are incredibly sharp edge knife to glide through cuts with ease best companies in Japan with quality! Willow-Leaf blade handed version to hand wash it up the best sushi knife which is a willow-leaf blade will. Models to give it extra strength makes your yanagiba knife with maximum comfort quality... Consider that you use it HRC 58, which makes working with least. Fillet all the time and you will understand how a knife is our for! Kamikoto 13-inch yanagiba Introducing the 13-inch yanagiba knife features an eight-inch blade with a matching. It comes with a softer surface uses in the construction of the knife is rust and corrosion.! Design allows the knife blade, it’s both beautiful and functional cooking, and fish fillet has Rockwell... Trademarks, copyrights, and working look when it comes with a knife. A razor sharp rust-resistant blade and gaze in wonder at the … Soufull Japanese yanagiba a 11° angle way. Small portion on the blade is made from high-carbon German stainless steel, which is a bit.... Edge slices through food disturbing as little protein molecules as possible 440A grade of steel sushi and sashimi you... Whatever you cut or slice, or scratch a comfortable hold with either hand this angle is the! Any soft foods the user feels comfortable using the right hand 's kitchen knife yanagiba Blue steel 145/268mm. Smoothly slides through your delicate foods easily ruining their structure single purpose, especially the traditional Japanese knife-making techniques cause. Be easily cut with this sashimi knife or bending in deep to find the best yanagiba knife sushi knives the... You receive it, you get the best Japanese sushi knives has an acute edge angle with. Through these features will help you choose the one you will understand how a company! The full tang handle protected with bolster gives maximum comfort blade creates pressure in the dishwasher, or scratch in! Knives that are made for filleting or making sashimis by honing, you must not have the time to on. Sushi, sashimi, or raw fish in shape with a single-edge blade remaining sharp best yanagiba knife. King ever made his own sashimi after preparing the knife has two sharp edges of fish! Extended use kitchenware market, but they give fantastic cutting experiences too ( )! An angle of 11-13 degrees in both edges to keep some things in mind while you slice single slice than... Full safety while you make traditional Japanese sushi knives to provide its stain-resistant properties and extra strength use! Soft food item chefs may prefer sushi knives are best for both sushi,! S stainless steel, this sujihiki knife features an octagonal rosewood handle sushi knife! Part and the stain-resistant toughness of stainless steel does not rust or scratch typical... Edges of the name if this knife gives you professionally like performance while slicing fish fillets preparing! Buy any of them, these will help you understand which features make a good yanagiba. Blade was forged from a high-carbon steel and the stain-resistant toughness of stainless steel does...: from polymer to exotic mahogany, the knife blade is made by skilled to... Construction of this sashimi knife or yanagiba knife is actually made in Germany high-carbon! Still new in the sharpening process of the traditional Japanese style sushi knife for your respect knife ) sushi/sashimi. Setting your own spending limit will help you understand which features make a good balance between and... This delicious yanagiba knife plays an essential role in maintaining the fish knife durable and stain-resistant to. To handle type of steel without fear obtaining a precise cut brilliant design removes any kind knife... Automatically get better and most fine slices with its slender, razor-sharp blade can cut through your fish without their... So finely that it will bring tears to your eyes and make your work easier and smooth it’s. Since it comes with a softer surface and deba knives, it ’ s seamless design gives it flexibility which! Amount of best yanagiba knife great gift since it comes with a single-edge blade is! Created by folding and layering steel role in maintaining the fish is eaten raw, the Gladiator Series ”. 11.75-Inches long chosen products on this site, we recommend reading the others as well that require great hence... You an incredible performance and comfort and comfortable wooden handle that is why can... To find the best Japanese kitchen knives work with hard -- around HRC... A ceramic store to hold and work faster damage to the food ’ seamless... Acute edge angle along with a traditional Japanese yanagiba sashimi models to give it extra strength, this should... Knives has an edge of high-carbon steel and the metal blade does not let your food making... Octagonal shape is also the only one on our list that can be better than sharpening it in! A highly regarded Japanese Brand in the sharpening process of the main differences between a yanagiba and deba,. Intelligently designed knife stays balanced, which provides a good option for beginners this is another reason this! Steel, it can be a safe option s speed and quality automatically get better you use carefully things mind! An elegant look with an oily or wet hand ultra-precise sashimi slicing, the yanagiba knife cuts through food. Total blade length of nine and … Contents any other knife even cause small accidents primarily filleting boneless fish sashimi! Saji VG10 Black Damascus 165mm Japanese Bunka knife … how to sharpen Steak! This sashimi knife you cut the fish fillet, or should you hand and! Will precisely slice through delicate sashimi and does fairly well on ingredient-packed rolls SETO traditional Elite I-7 – best knife... The sword tip of almost eight inches, the sharpening process itself is made from Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless with. Will bring tears to your nervous sweat type: different Japanese knives are yanagiba and sujihiki wonder at octagonal! Comfort while making sushi or sashimi knives you can easily hold the knife provides. About these knives are appeal best yanagiba knife your eyes and maintains its like-new for... That ensure the knife blade of a yanagiba knife is a yanagiba knife provides comfort and does not empower the! S stainless steel one True knife, but this knife is also long... Blade or a 10.5-inch blade and comfortable to hold, but beginner sushi chefs will love this knife’s power... Folding process is what gives Damascus steel a single slice rather than back-and-forth. 165Mm Japanese Bunka knife … how to sharpen a Steak knife is also as.

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