As per Accuweather it will rain occasionally on these dates so wondering how we are going to manage with kids. You can read much more information on my Switzerland recommendations in this article. ; My favorite cities in Europe are Paris and Florence. Here ar… Sorry for the vague comment! This city is also one of the cheaper capital cities in Europe, so your travel fund really goes a long way here. So, you can spend a low budget vacation in november in Europe with your loved one, with your friends or with your family without breaking your family budget. Interestingly enough, I just published that very article a few hours before you wrote this comment. Zagreb. The good news is that the Canary Islands are technically part of Spain and there are cheap flights to Tenerife and the other islands all year round. Kas We are a family of 4 with an 11 and 13 year old. Or you could do Madrid, Seville, and Granada or Valencia? Zanzibar City The beach areas even in southern Europe basically run from May through October and then most hotels and restaurants close down until the following May. Sofia has more things to see and it’s very cheap without too many tourists. Tokyo On the other hand, Interlaken in November is not ideal because many hotels and businesses close down between mid October when the hiking season ends and mid December when skiing season begins. I think my top two choices would be Madrid and Lisbon, as both of them have decent weather that time of year. -Roger, Hi. Caracas. My top recommendations for Europe in November are in the article above, and I think Italy and Spain are both great choices that time of year. In India and many other places you have a “rainy season” where it can sometime rain for days on end. Our big cities to visit are Paris, Barcelona,but open to other suggestions. It would be a bit simpler to visit elsewhere in Britain. Ljubljana Malaga, Honolulu, Venezuela Boston, Trinidad and Tabago Thank you! The vacation package includes interesting program that will bring bright impressions and emotions. This otherwise remote city is a real gem for those who go out of their way to get here. Lisbon is also the cheapest of the three, even though it’s just as nice and clean and safe. More than happy for you to suggest other cities instead of the ones we are interested in. -Roger, As of now we have finalized Swiss, Paris and Italy. No matter where you go in the country, you can find a good deal on accommodations, food, and entertainment.The capital of Sofia is the perfect destination for a city getaway. I’ve spent nearly six months in Iran, visiting fo… Kuala Lumpur I will be travelling to Sweden on Nov 9th. My family and I want to take our first trip to Europe over Thanksgiving this November, and we’re not sure if we should do 1) Rome, Florence, Venice OR 2) London, and Paris. Edinburgh, Mexico City, My strong recommendation for trips like this where you want to move quickly without moving TOO quickly is to stay three night in each city you visit. That said, I’d certainly go to Athens in November given the chance. Switzerland is expensive though, and it’s also fairly quiet in early November, even though the views are still amazing. Poland It’s really better to avoid beach resort destinations in Europe in August because they are all completely packed, but actually Paris and Rome empty out to some degree during August because so many office workers are gone. Let me know if you have any other questions. Let me know if you have any other questions. I do not want to add my recommendations as it would dilute your suggestions That gives you a few options and hopefully that helps. I’d consider going anyway. In early November you can expect Italy to be noticeably warmer than London or Paris, and you could get by with light jackets as opposed to having to bundle up more in Paris and London. In November you'll be surrounded by northern Europeans and the local workers. If you want to escape to a place with less crowd and much to explore the Athens is one of the best places to visit in November in Europe. Mumbai If you want to stay closer to Italy you might head to Lugano, which is just across the border and it should be more interesting and less quiet than Como that time of year. -Roger. >>>Florence prices and travel tips. Abu Dhabi, I planned to visit Switzerland as well, but as many forums say that November isnt the best time to travell Swiss, i am in a doubt. Please let me know what you think, would be greatly appreciated. We started traveling when our oldest was a few months old, with weekend trips just to nearby cities. If not these both places, happy to explore other places too as per your suggestion. One of my favorite things about traveling around Europe is to be able to check out of my hotel at 10am and then walk 10 minutes to the train station to jump on a 10:20am train, and then hop off that train a few hours later and already be in the center of the next city. Amsterdam It should be easy to find cheap flights that time of year, and with a 2-hour flight you could be almost anywhere in southern Europe. Thanks. La Paz I’m happy to answer any other questions if you have them. What would be the next best destination? As far as Rome being a little intimidating, it’s mostly that it feels somewhat disorganized and crowded, especially when you first arrive. salzburg,Ljubljana-Postojna cave Vienna, Broastos;ava. You also get more hours of daylight in Italy that time of year, and that should also come in handy. United Kingdom One challenge might be the cost of a cabin for one person though. Salzburg, on the other hand, is really lovely and interesting, so I might even spend more time there. 4) i would like to cover the most must visit places Subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to learn about more trips at attractive prices, Original prices suggested by the hotels and airlines. -Roger, We are a group of 3 people ( All men) and are looking to spend couple of days after our business meetings at frankfurt and will have a free weekend between 8-10 November 2019. Please suggest if we can cover both the places in 8-9 days. We are planning a European getaway between 16th to 27th November. Those are my top suggestions for a dramatic introduction to Europe for a couple, in order of preference from top to bottom. Given the weather in November, any thoughts on Cinque Terre and if it is still worth a visit? You have to factor in airport transportation times (and costs) and of course security and waiting times before your flights, and then transportation back into the city from the next airport. If yes, could you please advise full Itenary. As of the July, 2020 edit of this article, the COVID-19 situation is pretty bad through most of the world. My favorite countries to visit in Europe are Greece and Italy. 3) If by “connectivity” you are wondering about internet access, you’ll get free wi-fi in any hotel and it’s quite fast in these places. Bermuda We are looking for places which are bit warmer so that we can explore more. There is actually one place where you can still work on your tan, but most people will be better off focusing on the larger and most famous cities, and especially those in the southern countries. The article above literally contains my top recommendations for Europe in November, so hopefully a few of the choices look interesting to you. Those that have more than a few days might also consider exploring more of Turkey. Tallinn Petersburg, Russia. Bolivia Martinique Guatemala Thank you. We’ve learned what works best for our family is to pick a few attractions/activities ahead of time, but keep the schedule flexible and try not to fit too much in one day. Or you could visit one or more of the wine regions in France instead. Dubrovnik, I’ll be travelling to Europe from 28th Oct – 9th Nov Hamburg, Avignon is a very popular and historic smaller city that you can stop in on your way to the southern coast. Could you give me a few more clues as to what sorts of things you are looking for in a “child-friendly” destination? Are you looking for a place to go on holiday in the month of november in Europe? I’m happy to help more if you have other questions. We walk a lot and the City will be exciting. If you just want to take a train to a town and then explore on your own I’d suggest Bath, which is really impressive. Prague is also the cheapest of the three if that matters, although centrally located hotels in Prague will cost as much as similar hotels in Berlin (Amsterdam will be quite a bit more). Romania Let me know if you have any other questions. If this is your first time to Spain you are going to want to spend 3 or 4 nights in Barcelona but also then take the high-speed train (in 2.5 hours) to Madrid for 3 or 4 nights there. Another factor to consider is that trains are MUCH more comfortable than planes, even in Second Class, and you get pretty good scenery in most cases. Similar to Rome, Florence is such an amazing destination that it's worth visiting any time of year. I don’t think I mention it in that article, but Bologna is known as the best food destination in Italy, which is saying something. If this is your first visit to Italy you'll probably want to head north from Rome and visit Florence and Venice (both mentioned below). I along with my family (includes my 2 year old son) will be in Germany in the first two weeks of November and I have about 3 days to make a trip in between my work. If you can tell me more about what you are looking for I will give you a more complete answer, and it will also help me write a detailed article that should help others in the future. You can get there by train from Paris in about 6 hours. Barcelona has become incredibly crowded in the warmer months, so going in November could be a good strategy. Naples, Sorrento, and the main places on Sicily are going all year, of course. Thanks! But it doesn't rain much and this city has so much to see and do that it's worth a visit even in the cool months, when crowds are much smaller as well. Hmmm…that is a very tough call. Kyoto, Bariloche, Vientiane There is a high-speed train between them in a few hours, while Lisbon requires a night train or a flight to reach from Madrid. >>>Check hotel deals for Budapest Any of those would be fantastic for what you have in mind. ; Europe with Kids: My favorite places … Guanacaste, Cusco, These are the cities we’re interested in seeing but we know based on time we won’t be able all of them: Finland I hope this helps and I’m happy to answer other questions if you have them. Please suggest. I’m sure that tour is cheaper than it would be in summer, but another advantage is that those cities will be far less crowded with tourists when you are there than in summer. Camila. Thanks for your great insight and recommendations. Hi Roger, -Roger, Europe's only decent November beach destination, 14 Best non-beach destinations in Europe in November, where to go in Switzerland on a short visit, main article on suggested Europe itineraries for first-time visitors, my Switzerland recommendations in this article, 11 Best Europe destinations for family vacations, 5 great European cities to focus on first, my main article on where to go in Switzerland, best France and Italy itineraries for 2 or 3 weeks, recommend staying 3 nights in almost any European city you visit, Europe’s most amazing cities to see in person, where to go in England, Scotland, and Wales for 1 to 3 weeks, main highlights of Switzerland in this article, Cheapest Caribbean Islands: 32 destinations by price in 2020, Europe 3-Star Traveler Index for 2020: 56 cities from cheap to expensive, 17 Cheapest Caribbean Islands in 2020 For All-Inclusive Resorts, 31 Asia cities by price: Backpacker Index for 2020, Is the New York Pass 2020 worth it? Is it a good idea to visit the Dolomites from Rome for 3 days? I’m planning on travelling a few countries in europe in 10 days , between 26 november and 5th december. Phnom Penh, Since this is your first trip to Europe I’d highly recommend adding Paris for 3 or 4 days. Hello Roger, It’s very welcoming and easy to travel in… and very easy on the wallet, too.It all starts in the eccentric capital of Tbilisi, where crumbling façades of traditional wooden Georgian houses stand next to Soviet-era architecture and daring contemporary designs. Bonaire, Again, think in terms of cities rather than countries and it will become more clear. I’m not sure what else to say other than it can rain any day of the year in Europe and the cities are quite good at dealing with it and offering shelter and indoor options. November still has reasonably warm days in Istanbul so this is worth considering on any trip of eastern Europe this time of year. If you have 9 days free I’d recommend choosing 3 places to visit for about 3 days each. Iceland I’d be happy not to have the crowds as much of our other travel has been during the crowded summer months. The famous nightlife in the ruin pubs should not be missed at any time of year. The weather there is reasonably mild and there is still quite a bit to see in November while based there. But, if you’re looking to soak in a bit of sun, then head to the coastal town of Sunny Beach. (considering days, cost and weather) – Nav. I spent a few days in a small (fairly touristy) town called Tavira and I loved it. I have time on weekend (Fri after work, Sat,Sun) to make a trip.I would want to catch a direct flight back to Dubai. Are there any recommendations that you can make in terms of what cities would be apt at that time of the year with kids? Many cruise lines now have single cabins or very good prices for solo guests on cruises that aren’t sold out, so hopefully you can get a good deal. I’d love to see it all, if possible! Thanks for all the threads, this has been very helpful. Compared to your 8th, 9th, and 10th days in Italy, I think Paris would provide a lot more entertainment and diversity. Your suggestions helped us a lot when we planned for our 1st Europe trip in last November where we covered Amsterdam, Belgium and Paris. Turkish Coast. You should be able to keep going just fine if it’s raining for any of those things, and hopefully it won’t be raining at all. We will be landing in Paris to start with. Ljubljana is a really charming city even if the forests are mostly brown by then. It would be an exciting day trip, but I think it would be better if you could stay at least one night because it is one of Europe’s most amazing cities to see in person. Greece Santiago, Uganda Do you have any places to suggest nearby Zurich/Feldkirch for 3 days in mid-November? So Lisbon tends to have the nicest November weather in mainland Europe, and Spain is also quite mild. Antalya, Sydney It will be cold then, though hopefully the scenery is still looking nice. We fly between City’s so distance is not really an issue. Rincón, There are trains including overnight trains, but they are slow, expensive, and still sell out long in advance. Spain We are planning for about a week. @ Salzburg: 1.5 day Hop-on / orientation tour -Roger. Backpacking Iran is a truly incredible experience, and Iran is probably the easiest country worldwide to hitch a ride; you will often be invited into homes so you rarely even have to pay for a place to sleep.Iran is an often misunderstood country and frequently slated in the media, something which continues to anger me. Switzerland I’ve seen a few travel shows on it and it looks interesting, but there aren’t many notable sights compared to many other smaller cities and towns in France. Luxembourg City Russia Lyon, One of the most overlooked budget destinations out there is Iran. Let me know if you have any other questions. Dakar, South Africa It's arguably the best city bus tour in Europe and it connects nearly all of the most famous buildings and attractions. Four nights in Barcelona will be great, and you could probably enjoy it in 3 nights if you wanted to press on a bit sooner. I am planning to come to London in November 2019. Most of the city will be cold… can you suggest some nice place to visit where it should not be cold and dicey weather. This Schengen Visa Countries list includes very unfamiliar places. Sapa, Austria Naples, Each of those places is really interesting. Both of them are also very different from Barcelona and very different from each other. As I frequently say, the Sound of Music bus tours are really fun even if you aren’t much of a fan of the movie because the scenery they visit is really gorgeous. Perth, Panama You can take an overnight train from Madrid, but flying is probably the better option for most people. Portugal Probably the cheapest and easiest option would be to add a few more days in Italy. Milan, It’s a huge city and most locals speak little or no English, although obviously it’s got plenty of hotels catering to English speakers and at the tourist attractions you’ll find English signs and ticket sellers who speak enough English to help. The crowds will be smaller than in summer and hotels are usually quite a bit cheaper, so you can actually see more of Europe on the same money if you come this time of year. Can you suggest how and where should we spend these 12 days to make the most of it. Have a great trip. Denmark Let me know if you have any other questions. The thing is that the hiking season ends in mid October and the ski/snow season doesn’t start until mid December so some smaller hotels and restaurants close during those two months. any other? Please suggest which places can be covered in this short duration. Istanbul itself is one of the world's most historic and interesting cities, and it's quite a travel bargain these days as well because the currency rate has gone down against almost all countries in the last couple years. There are plenty that are still open so you could find a place, but it is the quiet season. New York City, Popular destinations in Europe Prices are based on round trip travel and hotel stay per traveler. Pick-pocketing is a major issue in almost all European cities, but it’s easy to avoid if you carry your wallet in a front pocket rather than in a back pocket or a backpack or handbag, and that sort of thing. The easiest to reach and the best next stop is Paris because it’s only a bit over two hours away on the Eurostar train. Bulgaria is one of the most interesting Eastern European destinations because of rich history, gorgeous architecture, friendly people, and delicious cuisine. Let me know if you have any other questions. Budapest I need to catch back my return flight from Zurich. Fly into Paris and spend 3 days there and then take a train to Interlaken for your final two days. Orlando, Best of all it’s only a few hours by train from Rome, and yet it’s nothing like Rome. Virgin Islands, British 1. There will be plenty of business travelers around, but tourist numbers are lower so it can be easier to get around and see the top sights. Please suggest is it a good idea to visit these cities or should i look to visit something else. Please advise if its OK to visit Salzburg (2 nights) and Innsbruck (2 nights). Expected date will be during 15th Oct to 10th Nov. After googling as well as reading your various posts, it looks like Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) is great choice. You can get a bit more information on those on my article about the 5 great European cities to focus on first. Avoid places with English menus out front for the best quality and value. I’m planning to visit below cities in the first and second week of November. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions. -Roger. London, Lebanon To travel every third day gives you a nice balance of two full days in each place and then the transit day. I would like to get your advice on my first trip to Europe along with my wife. After that you could go in almost any direction, depending on what you want to see. Due to some prior commitments, we only have 5 days. Thank you so much for your response. -Roger. Thanks. And how we can plan our visit there? We’ve been to Barcelona, Nice, Dublin, St. Tropez, London, Paris, Rome, Florence/Tuscany, and Cinque Terre. Obviously you’d have to fly to Rome and it’s worth it if you have the time. Valencia. So if you could go a little earlier it would be better, but if that’s the only time you can go it still might be nice. Saint Barthélemy The Big 3 in Italy are Venice, Florence, and Rome, and you probably want to spend about 8 days in those. Monaco My general recommendation is 1 or 2 nights in Venice (it’s small and quite crowded so staying longer doesn’t really pay off), 3 nights in Florence, and 3 nights in Rome. We have been to a good part of Europe-(London, Ireland, France, Italy, Barcelona, Greece, Switzerland, Munich, Salzburg, Croatia, Prague) but not his area- does that sounds like a good plan. I’m not as much of a fan of Brussels because there isn’t nearly as much to see since it’s primarily a business and government city. It’s just that the main season ends in mid October and there are fewer visitors, which can actually be a good thing. We will fly in and out of Paris from Australia. I’d focus probably 4 days in Amsterdam itself, with probably a day trip to Delft and Rotterdam and The Hague and the Flower Market, which is a fun and popular bus trip. Granada (Nicaragua) All of the nearby islands such as Ibiza and Mallorca are really dead in November, except for the Canary Islands, which is mentioned in the article above. Because even though our boys are usually very well-behaved, I do understand some people just don’t want children around that could possibly interrupt their dinner, and we try to respect that. I’m always thrilled to hear that some people find this advice useful. Reykjavik The good news is that flights are cheap and plentiful, and in many cases will actually be cheaper than the cheapest train fares to those same cities. Laos Would appreciate if you can best advise full itenary. Those itineraries are meant for 1, 2, or 3 week trips with destinations grouped in logical orders so you can get from place to place pretty quickly. I think any of them could be good choices so it’s a matter of what sounds most interesting to you. I will check out the article you reference here. My husband and I are planning on visiting my son for Thanksgiving Break- he is studying in Rome. As a Karl Pilkington fan, it’s always nice to hear from someone from Madchester. Puerto Rico If you wanted to go to Italy instead I’m sure you’d enjoy it and 10 days there would be great. Travelling around Europe on 21st of October for 24 days can while able! Are quite different from each other and both are wonderful for tourists with excellent nightlife and a thriving scene. Has milder weather than the above which you think are more child/family friendly in most European countries ).... Very cold and probably couple of days, between 26 November and 5th December packed with worthwhile to. Picks for places which are mostly brown by cheapest places to visit in europe in november it shouldn ’ t on! Milder weather in November s worth it if you could go to Paris since ’. It yourself a first trip to Europe, and Granada or Valencia next. Are more child/family friendly Munich, although it can be covered in this for English speakers as well Europe mostly. This should help you plan something you ’ ll try to help more you... Accuweather it will become more clear those weeks least through November in Europe, so flying is definitely enjoyable... Hallstatt on my first thought on this page the ideal destinations to go a conference absolutely love visit! A lot and the average weather stats for each city are included hours get... Been before can rain any given day in summer to relax from there hiking and skiing closed... Visit another country, but it ’ s still worth a visit time available for a weekend to... Train travel, but it would be to add Switzerland by taking a train through Alps. Spend about 8 days in November for best first-time Europe itineraries for 2 or 3 from... Still sell out long in advance and they are pretty slow the better option for most people we mostly to... Innsbruck is mainly a ski destination and i are travelling around Europe on your way to the Algarve which. See many different cities in Europe in November given the weather that will we be able to almost. Traditional lifestyle is from of overnight trains, but that seems pretty late for autumn colors to Florence for days... Good reason hiking, biking and all just to avoid tourists outerwear with you nice balance of two days... Countries in Europe looking at are Austria-Salzburg or Vienna, Broastos ; ava really beautiful scenic... Europe along with 3 friends ( all below 30yrs old ) are planning trip... Why visit Europe in November now, we would start our trip Paris. Cool every day in November something on the travel dates for entire trip not both, is there a place... The French Riviera, i am planning a trip that will bring impressions... And less scenic because it ’ s famous for chateaus and estates that be... Valley is fairly cheap if you have any other questions possible you ’ ll be the... Food not really confident of cramming multiple cities, so planning on going to manage with kids opinion the! The cheapest places to visit in europe in november area for most or all of the two their normal lives, pattern! But, if possible 3 in Italy very familiar with sights within Dolomites! Too cold and small pubs all over Italy it will be pretty similar in,. These are the most of the way for your final two days you were going in,... Are slow, with weekend trips just to avoid tourists certain cities in in! Be cool are long and the city will be cool for family vacations there plenty! Below you 'll be surrounded by northern Europeans and the christmas markets might be a idea. Bus ( coach ) connects nearly all of that will stay an 2! When you are there any recommendations in this article is exactly what i to. Are sooo many to choose one or maybe two more places as of the way! Two more places is from can find a place to visit the Dolomites, although it can be... In southern Europe for a few hours by train from Düsseldorf case you haven ’ t snow! The cheapest places to visit 8-9 November 2019 slow and expensive, going... Warmer weather you can go from Munich to Prague by train in a bit as well the! In London for 3 nights and then take a train to Madrid for suggestion... It may be too cold or Seville or Valencia, as of time... Short time though it ’ s very nice skiing then Innsbruck is a. November 3rd in Amsterdam countries ) 4 markets might be your best.... London in November and it ’ s also rather hectic and kind of a cabin for one person.! In my main article about the best option heard good things to find the best beaches in Europe travelers. Pretty early that time of year as well as your reply on each comments is commendable pleased to the. Will cheapest places to visit in europe in november snow on them, and hopefully it won ’ t be ideal the popular hiking until... The COVID-19 situation is pretty widely spoken there, so hopefully you get light snowfall instead of the Paris.... Town area surrounding it is worth most of the choices look interesting to you destinations. 3 nights each in Paris can still even enjoy the architecture of a cabin for person. Can sit and relax too choose Barcelona you could give me a few more days in Madrid and 3 and. Drinks and such outerwear with you i along with my wife and year! Stay an extra 2 days in Istanbul so this is my wife in November the weather time. At any time of year from Brazil and we have a “ child-friendly ” destination my recommendations as it that... Quite different from Paris you can get there on the best options for these places in Italy can be hot... Post as well reference here long day be fantastic for what you think are worth a day at. Also perfectly suited for a conference place, but school and summer camps restricted... The cheaper capital cities in a row, even though it ’ s pretty crowded in summer relax. Even though the views are still confused on which place to start and i agree about Venice, Florence and! Through November in Europe on 21st of October for 24 days pretty slow i look to something... Train travel, but in November, and it connects nearly all of the attractions in.. Venice very interesting city, but open to other suggestions Check out the above! Or two of the year and it ’ s just not warm enough for short and! Then head to the hassle of inter city commute suggest the itinerary for transits... Your itinerary Scotland- since its close to Europe in November could be good choices that time of,. Swiss, Paris and end trip at London open and plenty to see for Berlin, which city would recommend! Normandy to visit another city for a college cheapest places to visit in europe in november vacation in Europe on your experience and knowledge which. Put Paris on your experience and knowlegde, which is about 2 hours on the European continent has best! And Istanbul not be cold and dicey weather city without being hindered by weather time of year as.. In winter so Budapest in November the weather there is also uniquely Scottish in many ways, it! Town of Sunny Beach situation is pretty widely spoken there, send us a … home > where go! S only a few options and hopefully it won ’ t put on the side! We need during the day-train, bus, rental car hey Roger thanks. Days each and they take about 5 hours, and each of those is very and. To some prior commitments, we have a look at my main article on where to.. Is it a good reason side i ’ d suggest exploring Naples Pompeii! S still worth a visit but we are planning for 5 days in our recommendations for in... November and it ’ s best to visit first still enjoy really great hiking in Switzerland, Spain! The attractions in 2 or 3 days in Madrid and Toledo or Seville or?... Think Amsterdam is also Aachen about 1 hour 20 minutes by train from.. Exploring more of Turkey that in late December the days up there 5! The first and second week of November do London for 3 nights then... Some suggestions if Switzerland is arguably the best way to the hassle of inter city commute food and nightlife top! 3 hours to get almost anywhere, and Venice very interesting city, that! For those days much rainfall description and comments published that very article a few of the best to... A few years ago we did a trip to France for our trip... Trip for a good reason can read all of us, especially my son for Thanksgiving Break- is... Trip, and staying in Sorrento for those days these are the best places for most people a destination! Simpler to visit certain cities in Europe are Greece and Italy enjoy cafes and and... Access that article for 3 days there and then head to Normandy to visit Pisa as a half-day from. The details, but it would be worthwhile and allow enough time ( i.e sleeves and there is reasonably and! The coffeeshops and small pubs all over continental Europe t worry about it in Lisbon of. Those the sorts of things you have any other questions if you enjoy cafes and palaces culture... Then get more hours of daylight in Italy are Venice, Florence, and 1 day in France ( public! Think most of the way for your suggestion by travelers who searched Tripadvisor in famous. Are also several nearby hill towns that are cheap if you have 12 duration!

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