Find It – Earn 15 – 20% profit

Have you ever found a property that might be a great flip, a great opportunity for you, yet you passed on it? Even worse, did you pass on it, refer it to a real estate investor and not share in the profit? The investor later tells you he made $35,000!

Did you get a gift certificate from Starbucks from the investor? Or better yet, a check for $5,000-$7,000 that would pay for your next vacation, or pay off a credit card?

Flipping property is actually managing a large project. But nothing happens without you, “The Finder.”

Finders Keepers

If you find it, you should be able to keep it. In other words, there is great value in locating an investment opportunity. When you complete our program (no cost*) we will equip you to find our team off-market property where you could earn thousands of dollars. We fund it. We fix it. We all get paid!

If you participate in finding 5 or more properties in a 12 month period you continue to earn greater profits. Depending upon the price point and your volume, you could earn as much as your full-time job being part of a team. And we equip you for the journey. We only succeed if you do.

How We Equip You

There are 5 essential players when it comes to investing in real estate.

  • The one that runs the crew to fix the property – the Fixer
  • The evaluator of the property to determine the purchase price and future value – the Property Pricing Analyst
  • The cost estimator for the rehab project – the Cost Analyst
  • The team of people that come up with the money to buy the property and fix it – the Funder
  • The persons that discover property before it enters the market – the Finder

The television shows make flipping look easy. The reality of the “Reality TV shows” is they don’t show the 10 surprises that occured on the flips. Afterall the show is only 30 minutes long.

You can flip properties and make a great 2nd income without any of your own money. Here is how our training program works for you.

First – Who Do You Know?

We equip you to FIND property through some of your current relationships. Or equip you with a new path. Here are just a few examples:

  • You may know someone that just inherited a property that has no desire to empty the property of it’s contents or to do repairs.
  • Someone that has multiple rental properties and wants to start selling them.
  • An Estate Liquidator that sells the household contents sees plenty of these opportunities, do you know one of them?
  • Do you know a Probate Attorney?
  • Perhaps a Director of a Nursing Home.
  • The Postman in the neighborhood is often in the know when someone is moving.
  • There are over 25 Property Acquisition Pipelines we can equip you with – so let’s keep the conversation going and get you equipped.


You may ask, what questions do you ask to determine if the property is a potential flip? We will equip you with this training. Essentially, you will confirm if the property fits our profile to purchase.
All you have to do is complete our PROPERTY PROFILE online form to lock in your referral. Then you are done!
We supply you with the questions, the online explanation for the seller so they can grasp our program, and training if you want to learn one of our Property Acquisition Pipelines.

    What Happens After You Register Your Referral?

    The first step is to find the property. The second step is to evaluate the possible purchase price, the rehab costs, and the future “after repair value.” 

    Our analysts will move through this process and in almost every case, we will present this opportunity to our Funding Team, and make an offer to secure the property. We pay cash for homes and often close in less than two weeks.

    If you have not already done so, take your lifestyle leap. We hope this has been educational and that this additional income stream contributes to your financial freedom.

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